2007 Paderewski Youth Piano Competition Winners

Tyrone Crockett
Tyrone Crockett is a Los Osos resident and soon to be Cal Poly student, majoring in economics. He has been playing the piano for nine years and plans to continue taking private piano lessons at Cal Poly. Tyrone’s other interests include ceramics, drawing, and bike riding. He has also provided service to the community cleaning up our beaches and volunteering as a camp counselor. Piano Instructor: Mary Martindale

Max Eisendrath
Max Eisendrath finds music to be the best form of emotional expression. He has been playing piano for 2s years and has attended Idyllwild music camp in the past. He plans to travel to Interlochen music camp in Michigan. Max credits his family and teachers for providing a supportive environment for him to thrive as a musician. He also plays the saxophone and works with elementary school children in the Music Mentor program at San Luis High School. Piano Instructor: Alan Boehmer

Matthew Fauria
Matthew Fauria is a San Luis Obispo High School sophomore who enjoys playing the piano, golf, and reading. Matthew has been studying piano for four years and prefers to play classical and romantic style pieces. “I think of the study of piano as a hobby (and possible profession) that enriches your life and is something that you can keep with you for a lifetime. The art of classical piano performance has changed my life physically and spiritually and I plan to keep studying for the rest of my life.” Piano Instructor: Alan Boehmer

Joshua Lehrer
Joshua Lehrer has been studying piano for six years. He is a three-time National Winner in the National Piano Auditions and is a member of the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, Student Division of American College of Musicians, and Piano Hobbyists of the World. In addition, Joshua will be playing the violin with the Academy Orchestra of the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony. He enjoys collecting coins, biking and computer programming. Joshua plans to earn a degree in biomedical engineering and continue on to medical school to become a cardiac surgeon. Piano Instructor: Torsten Juul-Borre

Evan Lin
Now eleven, Evan Lin has been studying the piano half of his life. Playing the piano for an audience has given him courage and shaped him to be more outgoing. He enjoys drawing and playing computer games. Evan swims to strengthen his muscles and is happy to have the support and encouragement of his family through personal challenges. Piano Instructor: Torsten Juul-Borre

Cooper Stimson
Having worked with many talented musicians including his piano instructor, Cooper Stimson aspires to be a composer and write film scores. Music has become his passion. He credits his mother for introducing him at a young age to a variety of musical styles. Cooper also enjoys swimming, beach volleyball, running, race-walking, photography, writing and making movies. He is a member of the rock band, C.S. & Lewis. Piano Instructor: Alan Boehmer